Senior Spotlight Mabel

Senior Spotlight

Our Senior Spotlight this month’s brings us to Mabel who hales to us from Woodsfield, Ohio. One of seven children there was always someone to play with and always someone measuring your portion of cake against there’s to make sure you didn’t get the bigger piece!! And with seven you nearly have your own ball team. How much fun is that!  And Mother was very happy to have seven little mouths chattering outside!

Meanwhile life goes on and Mabel enjoyed getting your learning at Appleton Elementary and on to Croton High School, both in Ohio. Then it was her desire to raise three children of her own, a comfortable size family! Mabel had the know how especially after her variety of professions- waitressing, cooking in a hospital and especially helping at a daycare center.

When asked what advice would you give to our younger generation of today Mabel emphatically responded “Be honest with yourself and other people: and Be faithful not only to yourself and other people, but to Our Lord, for without Him we are nothing.”